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Figari airport operates direct flights from several destinations in France and across Europe. Its location just 30 minutes from the Hameau means you can truly get away from it all without going too far.

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Just 15 minutes to Roccapina beach, as well as many others each more beautiful than the last, 20 minutes to the village of Santène with its yesteryear feel, 45 minutes to the incredible Bonifacio, and 1 hour 15 minutes to the most stunning Corsican summits... the possibilities are endless for exploring this island full of contrasts.

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Dates Incontournables

Essential dates

Corsica, and the Ortolo valley in particular, enjoys an incredibly mild and pleasant climate all year round, each season being better than the last. Summer starts at Easter, whilst the October holidays herald an Indian summer!

Of all the ceremonial events that take place in Corsica on Good Friday, the procession is by far the most impressive! This event is inspired by traditions from the Middle Ages, and Sartène is the only town to have retained this tradition almost in its entirety! The procession is led by 'the great penitent', barefoot, in a red robe with a hood since nobody knows his identity. The locals try their hardest to guess who it is! The 'penitent' is someone who seeks to be forgiven of his wrongdoings by carrying out this act of suffering. Being the 'penitent' is much sought-after, and places are reserved years in advance! He therefore carries the cross, as Christ did (you can feel its 31.5 kg weight for yourself in the church after the procession), with a chain weighing 14 kg on his right foot known as the 'Catenacciu', which has given its name to this procession. The whole event is accompanied by sacred chants.

The traditional game in the region is to follow a specific route through the meandering narrow streets of the town to reach the precise point where the penitent will fall before everyone else... it's up to you to find the perfect spot!

Carnival in Sartene

Generally the last week of April.
A must-attend event to be shared in family !

Parades of fanfares and magical troupes from around the world, street parties, balls, dancers, musicians, illuminations, spectacular local float competitions.
Great with children that will love to have such an opportunity to disguise themselves!
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