Region Présentation Domaine Saparale Hébergement

Around the hamlet


On this beautiful, unpredictable and varied island where everything is possible, the extreme south-western corner of Corsica is still unspoilt. Nature is still very much apparent, with forests and maquis heathland rubbing shoulders with meadows and vineyards, dotted with just a few houses here and there. Whether you prefer romantic getaways as a couple or a family day out, there's something for everyone!

Region Plages Domaine Saparale Hébergement



With the gentle pace of life at the Hameau de Saparale, you don't really need to go far. But the extreme south-western coast is home to some of the island's most beautiful beaches.

The spectacularly divine beach at Roccapina, one of the island's most beautiful fine sandy beaches, is just 15 minutes away by car.

For the more adventurous among you, a walk from Roccapina will take you through the maquis heathland to the virtually deserted beach at Erbaggio, a closely-guarded secret and a little piece of paradise.

Plenty more delightful beaches can be found further south, towards Tonnara, or further north at Tizzano and Campomorro.

As a refreshing alternative to the beach, you can go for a swim in the river just a stone's throw from the estate.

Region Sartène Domaine Saparale Hébergement

Sartene, the ultimate corsican village


Just twenty minutes away lies the village of Sartène, with its shady square and old town made up of winding narrow streets paved with stone cobbles. A truly charming village that both young and old will enjoy, far away from the crowds and the anonymous feel of the big city.

This is the dream location for relaxing with a glass of wine, or shopping for local and home-made produce at the market that takes place every Saturday morning.

Sartène is also home to the brand new Prehistory Museum, not to be missed.

Region Bonifacio Domaine Saparale Hébergement

Bonifacio, the hilltop town


A 45-minute drive south brings you to the citadel town of Bonifacio, built into the tops of the steep limestone cliffs. Bonifacio, which was founded in 834 AD, is like a real open-air museum. All year round, it offers a unique collection of historical monuments, over 20 fine sandy beaches and an exceptional collection of rare landscapes, both on land as well as under the sea. 

Region Histoire Domaine Saparale Hébergement

Prehistoric sites and museum


For those of you who prefer their holidays to be educational as well as scenic, Corsica boasts over 900 menhirs, mostly in Southern Corsica and around the Sartène region in particular.

In Cauria, the alignments of I STANTARI and RINAIU are megalithic monuments made up of granite standing stones, menhirs and menhir-statues, evidence of the site's occupation by man since Neolithic times. Some of these reinforced menhir statues are characteristic of early Celtic art and have contributed to the site's fame.

Palaghju is the largest alignment in the Mediterranean. It features 258 menhirs, some of which are sculpted, spread across seven rows.

The Prehistory Museum in Sartène holds all the archaeological remains found in Corsica, dating back to the oldest living creatures found on the island (notably the cervus cazioti, an island deer that lived in Corsica from 600,000 to 10,000 years before our era) up to the end of the Middle Ages, illustrated by the village of San Giovanni di l’Ortolo (portions of armour and spears, luxury crockery etc). Not to be missed!